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What a rude person, but Beezy was already contently sleeping, his phone going off as many times as it wanted to indicate he had missed messaged, probably heard from the other room. He didn’t think Jiyong was home right now, but whatever. Sleeping began and he used the big pillows and closed his eyes and continued to hide his face. 


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assajohda asked: YO MOMMA CALLED! SHE SAID that you left your shoes at her place. She said you also wouldn't answer her calls. You should answer ya' damn phone. - GD
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He sat there on the bed, holding the rag to his nose. It was most likely getting bloody by now, not that he really cared. As long as he could stop it from bleeding, he’d be content. He didn’t really pay much mind to Beezy not apologizing for punching him. He kind of didn’t expect him to apologize, especially since both of them were exhausted and their heads were throbbing from the night before. 

When the other spoke, he  moved his head just enough to get a glance at the shorter, before moving his head back to where it had been.

                         ”I haven’t the slightest.
                                If they did, I didn’t hear it.”

Ji was actually a pretty deep sleeper, so it wasn’t new that his phone hadn’t woken him up if someone called him. 

Sighing out, he removed the rag and touched his nose a bit. It hurt like hell, but at least it seemed to have stopped bleeding. He didn’t need to taste that horrible irony taste in his mouth anymore. He went into the bathroom, tossing the rag into the sink, then came back into the main part of the room. Looking around, he soon found his phone. There was a few missed texted messages, none too important, but that was it.

                     ”Looks like no one tried to get a hold of us,
                                 at least they didn’t call my phone to
                                                 get a hold of us.”

                  ——” Fuck it.”

He’d then go walk toward his things again, began
getting dressed out of yesterdays clothes and soon
into something more comfortable. They were in Cali
and he knew that the weather here was most likely
warmer than Korea. Though, he preferred Korea over
any where any day, but they were here for a purpose
but they had plenty of time to do whatever they wanted
to do. After his shoes were on his feet, he found his phone 
on the ground by the foot of the bed, a bit confused as
to how they got there but overall relieved for have found
his phone in one piece. Still fully charged, somehow, he
pocketed his phone and then walked to the door. Opening 
it up. Just so happens there is a note on the handle on the 
other side. Peeking around the door, he soon tore it off
and handed it to Ji, not even taking the time to read it 

                                          “Well, I don’t know what you’re 
                                           doing, but I’m heading to the
                                           Disney park.”

Of course they’ll need security to go too, but the guys
were in their hotel room down a ways, and most likely
watching american football and being rather lazy 
asses, just as they do back home. 

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He shifted his weight a bit, leaning over on the other seat back so he wouldn’t fall.

                  “N-no. I don’t have to peeeeee.
                       I … I went back at the

He had actually. He had been coming back from the bathroom making his way to the kitchen. He was actually looking for the light switch before going into the kitchen when he tripped over the box. The whole thing was ridiculous, honestly.

He rolled his head back a bit, almost as if he’d forgotten that he’d been trying to talk to the other, then looked right at him.

               ”I …. haven’t told you this thing
                    before. And-and-and it’s VERY important!”

He rolled his head a bit to look towards the window before looking back at the shorter once more.

                    “I … I have a secret! You …
                          you wanna know what it is?”

He giggled a bit before leaning close to the other’s ear.

                            “I like you …. “

He then leaned backwards and just kind of had a giggle fit before talking again.

                  “And! And! And I don’t mean like …
                         like you …
                            I mean—I mean like,
                                 like, like like … like yooooou!”

He then flopped back on the car seat, continuing his giggle fit.

                                ” … “

                 He glanced over his shoulder toward the
                 high crazed out Kwon, but he seemed to 
                 be rather serious, despite his giggle fits. 
                 In all honesty, he had no idea how to  
                 respond to that without being much more
                 confused than he should be. He knew that
                 it could be possibly he meant that he liked
                 him as a brother, a hyung, someone that he
                 respected since childhood because that’s —-
                 —- that’s exactly how he felt. 
                                ” … . Just shut up and buckle up,  
                                  you retarded monkey. You’re high 
                                  and need to sleep, Everything you’re
                                  saying right now makes absolutely 
                                  no sense, you know that, don’t you?” 

Eventually, he started up the car and rolled
down both the windows, only in the front,
however, just in case Ji got curious while he 
was in the state and wound up falling out the
back windows somehow. That wouldn’t be very
good nor would it really help in any way. 

                                       While he backed out and began driving
                                       his way back to the dorm, trying to drive
                                       more smoothly than he had been on the
                                       way to the hospital. What Ji said kept kind
                                       of going through his mind and it was really
                                       annoying. Every time he heard the other 
                                       attempt to speak while he was concentrating
                                       on the road, Beezy eventually steeped on the 
                                       break and turned around while he was at a 
                                       light. He’d reach other to slap the other upside
                                       the head without warning.
                              ” SLEEP! “ 

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assajohda asked: My sister says you hung out with her today. WHAT DID YOU DO??? DO I NEED TO BE A CONCERNED BROTHER??? - GD
You don't need to be concerned
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I Love You


I Love You


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